"Provence is a country to which I am always returning, next week, next year, any day now..."
~ Elizabeth David

La Maison

La Maison Des Arts Et Lettres has four cosy, boutique, self catering apartments for vacation rental. Each is equipped to make your stay comfortable, your Provence home away from home, for a week or more.  Full en-suite bathroom (toilet, sink, bathtub with shower head) as well as a kitchen (or kitchenette).  These gem apartments are decorated using inspiration from the life or work of the French artist for whom they are named: Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Albert Camus, Paul Cézanne and Marie-Antoine Careme.


Colette: French novelist and performer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873 -1954) is best known for her work titled ‘Gigi’ which was later made in to a movie with the then, relatively unknown Audrey Hepburn. Colette loved love, and had many affairs through her 81 years of life. Good humored and often considered scandalous (in her time), she also aided her Jewish friends during WW2 including hiding her husband, in an attic, for the duration of the German occupation. She was the first woman to be honored with a State funeral in France. Colette, the room, reflects Colette (the writer) love of France and friends. A cozy hide-a-way, perfect for a romantic holiday, or for falling in love with Provence. Boutique apartment, queen bed, kitchen, bathroom, sitting area. Sleeps 2. Weekly rate: 600 Euros (Saturday to Saturday). Check in 3 pm. Check out noon. Enquire for availability and off-season rates.

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Cezanne: This charming one bedroom apartment overlooks the Place de L’Horloge and Le Petit Café. A small, but efficient kitchenette is in one corner of the separate sitting room. Art dominates the room as a tribute to Paul Cezanne (1839-1906), a ‘local’ artist, born in near-by (1 hour) Aix-en-Provence.  Cezanne was a post-impressionist painter, known for his repetitive and distinct brushstrokes. He studied many of his subjects intensely which is reflected in the legacy of his work. The walls of the apartment Cezanne are adorned with art, many of which were created by a former resident artist Andrew Petrov who is himself a fan of, and influenced by, the work of Cezanne.  (Andrew’s paintings are on display throughout the building and are available for purchase.) 1 bedroom sleep 2. Separate sitting room. Weekly rate: 600 Euros. (Saturday to Saturday, check in 3pm, check outnoon). Enquire for availability and off-season rates.

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Camus: The French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960) was born in French Algeria and spent much of his life there. A philosopher as well as renowned author, Camus was the ‘father’ of a movement called ‘absurdism’. He died in 1960 and is buried in nearby Lourmarin. Camus, the room, reflects Albert Camus’ enduring love for his birth country, his travels to Morocco and his citizenship of France. The smallest of the 4 apartments in La Maison Des Arts Et Lettres, it is still equipped with a small kitchenette with counter seating and a full bathroom. Sleeps 2. Weekly rate: 500 Euros, Saturday to Saturday (Check-in 3pm, check-out noon) Enquire for availability and off-season rates.


Careme: Inspired by the king of cooks and the cook of kings, Marie-Antoine Careme  (1783-1833 and perhaps the first French ‘celebrity chef’) this charming apartment has a compact but fully equipped kitchen.  As a tribute to Careme’s fame for ‘Pieces Montees’ (large, complicated culinary constructions used as centerpieces for banquets’) the foyer has an elaborate chandelier, which is further reflected in a mirror designed like a shop window. A fireplace dominates the room, reminiscent of a time when dinner was made and eaten around the hearth. During your Provence experience, shop at one of the many markets and prepare your own meals within the apartment’s kitchen. Market day varies from village to village making it possible to attend a different market every day of the week (many within less than 1 hour radius). Renovated in the spring of 2013 this lovely apartment is on the entrance floor of the building. Sleeps 2.  Weekly rate 600 Euros (Saturday to Saturday, check-in 3 pm, check-out noon.) Enquire for availability and off-season rates.

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Note: Spring 2014, Careme will be a multi-purpose room. Available for rent as an apartment or conference/meeting room.  Rates TBA.

Note: The rooms of La Maison Des Arts Et Lettres are offered as furnished holiday apartments. They are cleaned and ready for your enjoyment upon your arrival. During your one week (or more) stay fresh towels will be provided mid-week, each week, and fresh linens each Saturday, unless otherwise requested. For stays of 1 week or longer an extra cleaning service is available, upon request, at 15 euros per hour.